New Owner's Information


  • Monthly HOA dues are $19.00/month. Payable the first of the month following the closing date.
  • HOA dues cover expenses for landscaping services in the Commons Areas and south entrance area, irrigation water at south entrance area, electricity at the south entrance sign and street lights within the development, HOA insurance, management fees, office supplies, property taxes, and misc. expenses.
  • Trash serviceHowie’s Trash Service is the required trash service provider for all new construction and home sales. Trash containers must be stored within the garage or an enclosed, opaquely screened area immediately attached to the dwelling structure, except on trash pick-up day.
  • Transfer Fee - Effective 1/1/2023 any homes sold in Nelson’s Ridge that are not new construction will have a $200 transfer fee that will be charged at closing. This fee is required to be paid by the buyers of the home. Buyers of a newly constructed home will not be required to pay this fee. Second owners and all subsequent homeowners will be required to pay the $200 transfer fee. Remit Checks to Nelson’s Ridge HOA and mail to 240 Levee Dr. Ste 2 Manhattan, KS 66502
  • House and sheds paint color must be “earth tones”.
  • The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must be consulted and provide approval in advance of any construction that modifies the exterior of any house or yard surrounding the house. Such items include: fences, sheds, carports, decks, pools, satellite dishes, driveways, etc. (See Rules & Covenant Guidelines for full list.)  All wood fences must be stained a “Natural” color.
  • Trailers, RVs, boats, and inoperable vehicles are not allowed to be parked in driveways or in front of homes on the street. (For specific rules, see the Rules & Guidelines.)
  • The Bylaws, Covenants, and Rules & Covenant Guidelines are posted on both the HOA website and Cobalt Real Estate Management’s website under the HOA tab.
  • Cobalt Real Estate Management manages the HOA. Contact Rebecca Brown, HOA Manager, at 785-477-1068 or [email protected], for more information.